NEWS! : New Packaging, New Products New Prices.

Well well well! The last 3 weeks have been really busy down in the Honey and Spice cottage. We have been working on new packaging for our Lotion range, Sugar Scrubs, Buttercreams and Conditioners! And with new packaging of course that meant new labeling!- (Something i have been marinating over for the last 12months!) So i have been tinkering away day and night with the label designs and possible new packaging for the last few weeks and i am now very pleased to have the REAL THINGS! in my hot little hand! Absolutely thrilled with them!

We now have classy looking clear wide mouth jars for our Sugar Scrubs and Conditioner. – Glass although lovely- was a safety issue for the sugar scrub as wet slippery glass and the shower dont mix! Conditioner and Sugar Scrubs both come in our two most popular natural scents – Lemongrass and Ginger and Lavender Dream!

We also have a gorgeous new range of 200ml lotion pumps bottled in lovely amber glass to help protect those precious essential oils from the uv light. We have 3 lovely scents!- Rosewood Ylang Ylang, Lavender Dream and Lemongrass and Ginger! -Silky smooth new recipe, formulated to feel perfect!- Not greasy, not waxy not sticky, and not a lotion that evaporates to quickly, it absorbs beautifully and leaves your hands feeling so silky and soft and they smell absolutely divine!!

Also we have gorgeous new Buttercream Pots! in beautiful amber glass to also protect those precious essential oils from the UV light. The buttercream now comes in two sizes 60g and 120g and these pots will last you a very very long time as a little really does go a long way! New recipe with even more lashings of Organic Shea Butter Organic Cocoa Butter and Organic Coconut Oil! – This sure is one heavenly body butter. It leaves your skin OH – So Soft and the scent of Lavender and Rosewoood ……MMMMMM! just beautiful before bed to help you drift away!

Hubby has also been head down tail up- building our first wooden retail display! Must say it has turned out fantasically!! Better than i could of even imagined! This handy display is destined for our newest stockist in Wellington!- If you are nearby do pop down and test out our products! – Matchbox Studios (Handmade boutique on Cuba St) it is opening this saturday!!!

So there we have it, a sneak peak of our new range! Keep an eye out!! They will be available for purchase soon! MOST exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now the pricing news: All products will have a slight price increase to meet the risen costs of our precious raw ingredients. We love what we do and want to keep doing it, but to do so we must raise our prices a little .

Good news is, i still have some products in the old packaging : Conditioner, Buttercreams etc so you can grab these now at a great price before they are all gone! and before we start our styly new packaging with fabulous new waterproof labels!

Rosie xx


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10 responses to “NEWS! : New Packaging, New Products New Prices.

  1. Well done Rosie, looking fabulous!

  2. Christie Webber

    The new packaging looks great! Your stuff will fly off the shelves in Wellington. I am looking forward to seeing, smelling and purchasing some of your fantastic products at the upcoming Encraftment market 🙂

  3. kassalee

    So Exciting! The new range looks fantastic!

  4. Mel

    They look and sound delicious – and what a great display! Well done to you both.
    And I have just run out of hand lotion on my office desk so will be anxiously awaiting your new product launch 🙂

  5. oh my – I want it now! Gorgeous Rosie, and your love of what you make just glows from your words. Can’t wait to try some of that Buttercream x

  6. Lemongrass my favourite. Love the packaging and the display unit.

  7. It looks incredible. I bet you feel really proud

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