On the Spice Rack: Green Cardamon

Green Cardamon is an exquisite spice with a characteristic fragrant perfume. It is also one of the most expensive spices around, alongside Vanilla Pods and of course the most expensive, being Saffron.

The scent of Cardamon is absolutely gorgeous! and a little goes along way. The fragrance comes from the seeds which are snuggled up inside the little green pods. To get them out you need to either crush the pods open with the back of a knife or motar and pestle, or cut them in half.

In cookery cardamon is most commonly found in curry mixes and also makes up the spice blend in chai tea. Some of my favourites include shortbread scented with lemon and cardamon, and orange and cardamon creme brulee! Mmmmmmmmm! I used to make these among other goodies for Fluers Place.

I just love the combination of sweet zesty orange combined with the floral & spicy scent of the cardamon. So naturally i had had to take this gorgeous scent combination one step further, and create something special for the Honey & Spice shop. After several blends of essential oils and a few test batches of soaps the Cardamon & Orange soap was born!
And while making my 8th batch of Cardamon & Orange Soap this afternoon i fell in love with it all over again and had to share it with you too! It will be available in our Shop again in just over a months time for $8.50 each.


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4 responses to “On the Spice Rack: Green Cardamon

  1. Mel

    Oh that sounds divine – all of it! Such an interesting insight to read as I sit here enjoying the scent of my just applied H&S rosewood and ylangylang hand lotion!

  2. I love the scent of cardamon. My hubbie made some carrot and cardamon scones last week, they were so yum.

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