An almost forgotten beauty: Black Boy Peach

You wont readily find these little gems at the supermarket, but you might just be able to find them at your local farmers market between march and late April!
The blackboy peach is a very old hertitage variety with characteristic purple skin and fleesh and the most devine juicy fragrant flavour! They are just delish!
I was so excited when we moved to our new property a year and a half ago because we were lucky enough to have one very old black boy peach tree laden full of peaches!
I have stewed them, made peach pies and frangipani and peach tarts. MMMM!

We had an aborist come in a few months ago to attack out giant macrocarpa hedge but tragically our lone little peach tree lost half of its limbs in the process! 😦

And today i was looking sadly at the little fruit forming on the remaining branch and longed for autumn to eat one again…

Luckily i still had some stoned and frozen from last years crop, so today i made my thrird attempt at jam making.
(The first was kiwifruit jam i made for the restaurant i was working at gosh it was about 20L of the stuff, and i burnt it! *Cringe!* Second attempt was blackcurrant jelly with my own grown currants and my mums “NEVER FAIL RECIPE”! And i proved her right! It set beautifully and was absolutely delish!)

This time around i couldnt find a single recipe for Black Boy Peach jam- so i loosely based it around the currant recipe, though with extra ingredients and instead of taking 15min it took about 50. It turned out beaut! I grew the peaches, blackcurrants and the rhubarb and my brother grew the lemons. And i think that is what is so special about it, growing your own, and taking the process right through and being able to share them with family and friends.

You are welcome to try my recipe below, i hope you enjoy it too!

Rosie’s Blackboy Peach Jam

Blackboy Peaches halved stoned (frozen is fine) 1100g
Sugar 972g
Water 240g
Vanilla Pod (Half)
Rhubarb sticks x 3 red ones chopped finely
Frozen Blackcurrants -Small handful
Lemon Juice 1 and half lemons

Boil together the sugar and water and vanilla rapidly for 5minutes it will become like a thick syrup.
Add the peaches and rhubarb and bring back to the boil and boil rapidly for 40min being sure to stir! Add the Currants and lemon juice and boil for another 5min or until a little spooned onto a saucer wrinkles on the surface when cool. Push through a seive for a smooth jelly like jam. Pour into hot sterilized jars and lid immediately.
Gorgeous served on pikelets with whipped cream!


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7 responses to “An almost forgotten beauty: Black Boy Peach

  1. We bought some blackboy peachesfrom a roadside stall and enjoyed them lightly stewed for breakfast. We have been trying to locate a tree to plant ever since but cannot find any at the nurseries here in Chch. Do you know where we could source a blackboy peach for our home orchard?

  2. Brian McMurtry

    I would like to buy some black boy peach seeds (pits) to grow. I will gladly pay for shipping and any packing or processing. Thank you, Brian

  3. Eleanor

    I bought a grafted peach tree with Spring Crest, Black Boy & Golden Queen all on the one tree! I am very excited as the early Spring Crest has small fruit showing now. Each variety blossomed strongly in the spring so I am inspecting daily for more signs of fruit developing. I purchased this young tree at Palmers in Napier.

  4. meganp

    If you are patient, blackboy peaches grow true from their stones – it will take about four years to bear fruit. I just put the stones into a pot with regular garden soil, leave them outside and water when I remember. they get frosted, covered with snow and by then end of September, they will emerge. Strike rate is high – just potted up 7 seedlings, 5 stones didn’t germinate so I’ve just popped them back into the pot with fresh soil.

  5. hi i love this as this is my great great grandfathers tree he propogated
    in the 18 hundreds

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