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New Gift Boxes!

Wow i really have neglected this blog! It is now spring in Otago, all sorts of wonderful things are happening on the farm with chicks hatching every week, blossoms and daffodils popping up all over the show and even a suprise lamb from our old “wethers” we inherited!
We have been busy preparing for markets and even have got some exciting new products to be released soon!
Here a few snaps of our latest market + Our delightful new soap gift boxes which are now available on our website

New Honey and Spice Soap Gift Boxes available here

Have a lovely week everyone xx

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Cosy Winter Wish List

Brrr with another polar blast here in Otago we have been rugged up inside, a perfect opertunity too make soap! but guess what? no olive and rice bran oil!! The postie was snowed in down in Dunedin so no soapmaking today & no way too get my weekend orders out. But we had a cosy day by the fire, made some exciting home renovating plans, had a good tidy up, discussed a few exciting new goodies for my website (soon too be realeased) and had a good browse through some gorgeous handmade goods on Felt. Here are some of my favourites!
Funky cushions by Annie and Zara, Gorgeous vintage bag by Little Minx, Snuggly hottie cover by Zippitydoodah, Sweet butterfly brroch by Art Divine, Vintage cards by Rochelle Andrews, Lovely notebook by Black Swan, Lacy Lingerie by By Nature, Butterfly pendant by Song Bird, Sweet patchwork quilt by Donna Shaw, Button Brooch by Relique, Cute little forrest knomes by While They Play, and lastly cosy owl wheatbag by Feltgood

Hexagonal Vintage Fabric Cushions

Rusty Roses Tote Bag

Vintage Owl Hottie Cover Tiffany green/cream

Speckled Blue Butterfly Brooch

Orange bicycle notebook


Large Oval Pendant - Teal Butterfly

Baby Blanket

Deco Flower Brooch

forest gnomes

Olive the Owl - Green

I hope the roads open tomorrow as i have markets just around the corner! (Winter Encraftment – Chrstchurch, Farmers Market – Oamaru, Blossom Festival- Alexandra) & i desperately need my supplies so i am able to get into that soap kitchen and create some goodies!! x

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New Arrivals

Tomorrow we are getting goats!! i am so excited!
We are getting a couple of gorgeous Nannys which will keep our south african angora boy good company. They may even be in foal.How cute is a baby goat? eeeeee! So adorable. Goats are very intelligent and have peaceful natures, they will keep our pastures down and keep the broom at bay. If i am lucky, one of the nannys may have a kid, which is most exciting as i will be able to milk her! Imagine my milk and honey soap made with milk fresh from my own nanny goat! i couldnt think of anything more perfect.


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The Naming of the Spicy Cinnamon Bar

Thank you to all those who put in name suggestions for my zooshed up soap. The name i choose was- “CINNAMON INDULGENCE” i hate to say it, but it was one i ended up coming up with it myself! It came to me in the middle of the night no doubt inspired by all of your suggestions- i am sure couldnt of come to it without them ❀
Cinnamon Indulgence just really clicked with the bar, It is one of my favourites, the blend is sweet well rounded with notes of vanilla, ylang ylang and gorgeous cinnamon, spicy undertones, there is an element in the blend which reminds me of booze soaked rasins/ and fragrant fresh cranberries – none of which are in there of course- mmmm i love this blend!
I promised a giveaway, so it seams only fair it goes to my second choice -which actually was my fiances suggestion "the original Honey and Spice bar" (My very first batch of soap was a 'mark1' of this soap several years ago, yes this soap is made with cinnamon and honey too- but the name- "the original Honey and Spice bar by Honey and Spice" bit much….? thought so….
BUT i want to give the prize pack away to one of the fab contributing fans- SO i will go with my third choice!
"Cinnamon Deluxe" which i believe was suggested by Julia Hollis-Pye. (Fourth choice “Winter Spice” by Kate Mcnelly) I like simple two part names which say exactly what it is but with a little personality too. There were heaps of names that were great but just too similar to the others in my range.
Julia please send me your address and i will send you out your prize pack.
THANK YOU to all those who took part, i hope you had a little fun along the way πŸ™‚

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Can you help me name the soap?

My Almond Cinnamon bar is in desperate need of a zoosh up!
Shes a great old bar but her name is sort of frumpy and doesnt do her justice!
She is scented with cinnamon and ylang ylang, clove, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla. Smells sensual, spicy warm and comforting. (Like fresh apple and cinnamon muffins) She is a lovely cinnamon coloured soap with a white bubbly lather. So where does the almond come from?!? Good point- Almond is not part of the scent blend at all! But i add generous lashings of sweet almond oil at the end to make the bar mild and conditioning.
Bearing all that in mind any thoughts on fresh name for Almond and Cinnamon??
Winning name will be sent some fantastic Honey and Spice goodies!


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Cute little House..

So we have bought a cute little house! A very sweet little riverside cottage, and i know i will find it a great source of inspiration. I am loving the gorgeous autumn colours in the trees and am so excited to see what will be popping up all over the place in spring. My theme for this felt showcase is “cute little house” There are some gorgeous creations from 1me, littlerty, yumstietree, sweet william, caiseal, and cupcake cutie.
Followed by a few snippets of our new wee place πŸ™‚


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New Creations

I have a couple of new creations to share including my new Rose Slice. A divine creamy white bar with a ribbon of rosy french clay.

….and i have a something special for the ankle biters!!

These mild childrens soaps are infused with essential oils of sweet orange and calming lavender. With lashings of soothing manuka Honey and creamy goats milk, these gorgeous little soaps are gentle and smell great !


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Time for some Bargain Boxes !!!!

Hi everyone! seeing as though my market season has drawn to a close I need to clear some stock!!….
I have lots of β€œone offs” and end of batch pieces, seconds (not quite up to the standard size/ shape), Offcuts, and soap truffles and ones needing to be used up soon!
I am offering Bargain Boxes- a random selection of the above
The box will be packed to the brim with roughly 6-10+ soaps (depending on size) for a great price of $19- that is soap from as low as $2 or less !!
Cheap as chups!!!!
The soaps will not be labeled as they are not up to usual standard.

You may receive some of the bars below (Including seaweed and liquorice, Vanilla Cream, Herbal Gardners Bar, Almond and Cinnamon, Honey Comb, Lavender & Lime, Honey Oat Bran, Lemongrass and Ginger, Tea Tree and Rosemary, Creamy Milk Bars, Truffles just to name a few in the mix)

To order click here or just leave me a comment with your email πŸ™‚

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Bath Bomb Giveaway

THANK YOU to all my wonderful fans, i appreciate your support and feedback SO much!
As a thank you I have put together a giveaway including one of my new luscious bath bombs (Lavender Lime) and a Petite Soap Gift Pack. To enter all you have to do is leave me a comment below and your email address!!! Winner will be drawn Next weekend.

I wish i could give something to each and every one of you- but for the rest of you i am offering a special of 5x soap truffles for a sweet price of $15 (+$3 for postage) My soap truffles are extremely creamy, mild, long lasting and economical!! just email me @ if you want to take advantage of this special

In support of the Christchurch earthquake i have donated several goods to a couple of different fund raising initiatives Handmade for Christchurch and Lil Magoolie I wish i could do more… but i know that every bit helps πŸ™‚


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Victorian Market

I had SO much fun at the Victorian market must share some of the photos before i forget!

The Royal Parade

Me Behind the Couter…..

A brave customer on the dash through the rain.

My Lovely colourful barrow

Lipbalms, Moisture Lotions, Bath oils, Soy melts

Soap Slices

My little stall at the Victorian Market

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